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The Accomplishments
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Mrs. Japan International®

Yoko Amoroso

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us why anyone would want come to your hometown?
My town, Tokyo, is surrounded by a large park with the most beautiful cherry blossom tree that you have ever seen. This creates a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. On July 25th, we celebrate one of the most spectacular firework festivals in the world where people come from around the world to watch. My town, Tokyo, is considered a place to come for tranquility, romance, and where you can create beautiful memories.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your closet and why?
I have a beautiful wardrobe but one of my favorite things is my collection of jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, my most prized possessions is an earring and necklace set that is made of pure pearls given to me by my mother. Getting into the best shape of my life in preparation for this pageant, I now have a beautiful collection of form fitted clothes in my closet. This has made my husband very happy.

3.What do you love to cook and why?
My favorite dishes are fermented brown rice and miso soup. I choose them because Japanese fermented foods are gaining attention worldwide, known for their ability to promote gut health. Fermented foods aid digestion and encourage a healthy gut flora. Fermented brown rice is nutrient-rich, while miso soup is a comforting drink that warms both body and soul. I find these dishes appealing for being both healthy and delicious.

4.If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?
If I had an extra hour each day, I would dedicate it to mindfulness practices such as meditation or yoga. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, often neglecting self-care. However, though I do not have an extra hour, I still find time to balance my mental and physical wellbeing. This time for reflection and relaxation ultimately helps me enhance my overall productivity and happiness.

5.Describe the dirtiest job you have ever had to do?
After my father's sudden passing nine years ago, my mother was deeply distraught. Wanting to uplift her, I organized and cleaned our entire home, hoping to help her overcome her grief and find solace. Decorating with flowers, her joy was palpable, and I felt a profound sense of fulfillment in bringing her comfort. It was a testament to the strength of our family bonds and the power of love during challenging times.

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